2019 Spring Planting and Garden Sprucing!

The first full day of spring calls for a garden update! The weather does too, since yesterday was so sunny and we knew that today would be a rainy start to the season. Last week I snuck outside in between early morning frosts and unseasonably cold temperatures to tuck a few fava beans into the … Read more

Garden Roll Call – January 2019

Garden Roll Call began with this post from Summer of 2017. I’ve expanded the plantings since then and want to update my records so I can keep track of when I planted the trees, shrubs, vines, perennials or berry bushes. The Garden Roll Call post is where I list what’s been added and when. This … Read more

Companion Planting and Ruth Stout’s Gardening Method

Egyptian walking onions look different every season, I swear. I don’t remember them doing THIS last year, but then, this is only the second spring I’ve had them growing in the garden. Don’t they look weird? Those little pouches started out down at the base of the plant and moved up to the top over … Read more