Seed starting indoors and cold compost

Last winter I put up the greenhouse in the backyard. Since we don’t have a lot of sunny window space in the house, I decided to start my seedlings in the greenhouse. There was plenty of space, and a whole lot of sun, so that wasn’t a problem. The trouble was, it was pretty cold … Read more

March 11 and I haven’t started seeds yet?!

The St. Patrick’s day parades were happening in Seaside and Belmar this weekend and yet I still haven’t started a single seed indoors. Why?! None started yet, but they are all nice and organized… I’m ready to go! Well, a few reasons actually – but I’m not stressed or worried about being late with any … Read more

Concerning Mulch and Fall Planting

I pulled the yellow pear tomato because the leaves had curled and wilted to such a degree that I can’t imagine there was any turning back. I also trashed the pumpkin vine from the same bed because I believe the borers actually dug into the best looking pumpkin on the vine and I’m just disgusted … Read more