Companion Planting and Ruth Stout’s Gardening Method

Egyptian walking onions look different every season, I swear. I don’t remember them doing THIS last year, but then, this is only the second spring I’ve had them growing in the garden. Don’t they look weird? Those little pouches started out down at the base of the plant and moved up to the top over … Read more

Tiny New Seedlings in my November Garden

Today in my front yard garden I found tiny chamomile seedlings coming up from some mama plants that died back a couple of months ago (summer heat). The borage also reseeded like crazy and I have lovely baby borage plants all over the place. What do I do? Should I pot them and put them … Read more

Front Yard Garden Planted Almost According To Plan

I made a few changes from the original front yard garden plan when I finally finished digging and planting the seeds today. It took longer than I had hoped because I injured my back last week, but I’m feeling whole again and since I discovered the glory of FREE compost from my municipal recycling center, … Read more