Enjoying the August Garden While Waiting for Elderberries and Sunchokes

The elderberries are almost ripe! These bushes are right near the street in the front yard, so they aren’t netted at all. I’m keeping a close eye on them so I might get some before the birds do. Those sunchokes, or Jerusalem artichokes, on the right, are pretty tall now. I don’t even see one … Read more

Late June in My NJ Garden

I didn’t think any of the squash or cucumbers had a chance of coming through and bearing fruit this year with the zillions of cucumber beetles and squash bugs I saw earlier in the season, but these plants are troopers! Now that the hot weather has hit, shade or full sun, they are bursting forth … Read more

Late Spring Garden Progress

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not even June yet. It seems like the growing season started so early this year. I took some pictures around the yard so see how things are growing so far. Yesterday I removed the 2 volunteer squash I had growing in the keyhole garden. It was an … Read more

Fall Lettuce is Amazing

I planted lettuce hoping for a harvest before life at the Jersey Shore got too cold and froze over. Boy do I have lettuce now! When I plant it in spring it bolts so fast, but this lettuce has been going strong for weeks now. I’ve had a few salads from these beds already and, … Read more

My Granny Smith Apple Tree is Blooming in October?

I think my tree is confused. It did NOT bloom in spring when it’s neighboring Crimson Gala tree bloomed and I was worried because these two trees were supposed to be able to pollinate each other. This is only the third autumn it’s been planted in my backyard. Will it bloom this coming spring? Will … Read more