Harlequin Bugs on my Broccoli

I had Harlequin Bugs on my broccoli in the back yard. I’d never seen those before. They weren’t on all the plants, just the ones that didn’t look like they were doing well. Were they stressed before or after the bugs paid a visit? I’ll say they were stressed before the bugs. I cut them … Read more

Apples Are Gone But So Are the Cabbage Eaters

The few apples holding onto my young trees have been stolen by the squirrels or whatever else thought they were tasty enough to pick before they were ready. I’m not very sad because I know that next year we will have many more and I’ll be taking more precautions to protect the trees and the … Read more

Late June in My NJ Garden

I didn’t think any of the squash or cucumbers had a chance of coming through and bearing fruit this year with the zillions of cucumber beetles and squash bugs I saw earlier in the season, but these plants are troopers! Now that the hot weather has hit, shade or full sun, they are bursting forth … Read more

A Bunny in the Garden

A BUNNY! I found a bunny in my garden this morning when I let Kylie outside. She did her duty and chased his fluffy butt out, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in Beachwood. Somebody’s Easter present got loose! It was pretty big and chunky looking, but boy was he fast. Maybe … Read more