Early – Mid

  • Spread finished compost (to make room in composters for all those newly fallen leaves)
  • Plant bare root, dormant trees and bushes
  • Dig and store tender roots that won’t last the winter (ie: canna lilly, turmeric, yacon, etc.)
  • Harvest sweet potatoes when the vines begin to die back
  • Collect and save seeds from annuals and perennials that are going to seed (throughout the month).
  • Disconnect rainbarrels, empty and store for the season
  • Disconnect hoses from the house and winterize by turning off the water to outdoor spigots (if needed, as in some older homes in cold climates)

Mid – Late

  • Mow the lawn for the last time
  • Wrap fig trees to protect them from cold winter weather.
  • Bring potted, tender plants into the garage.
  • If installing new shrubs or trees in spring, prepare the ground now. Cover the area with cardboard and mulch to let it sleep for the winter.