The Summer of YouTube and Learning About Ant Lions

For the first summer in a decade, rather than blogging throughout the growing season, I’ve been consistently updating the YouTube channel of with garden tours, featured plant videos and garden happenings. The audience has grown over the past few months to 468 subscribers as of today and it’s exciting to engage with gardeners in … Read more

Spring Cleanup and Garden To-Dos

These are the first signs that the yard wants to wake up for the season. The dafodils are just starting to poke up through the mulch. Time to clean up and make way for all the new growth that’s about to start happening. First thing to do was to clean up the still standing perennial … Read more

The Perfect Gift

Evie and Mick’s souvenir gift for Jasper and I from their honeymoon Disney Vacation. She knows me so well – OF COURSE I need a Mickey Mouse Garden Gnome!!!

Hurry Up And Get It In The Ground!

I have a shipment that came in a few days ago from Miller Nursery and I want to plant it all before I loose it! Yesterday I planted my All in One Almond Tree in full sun in the front yard. I hope I added enough compost to the hole because the earth was really … Read more

Gardening in NJ, the Garden State!

I’ll start with a disclaimer… I am a beginner! I’m no expert gardener by any means. In fact, last year I planted my very first vegetable garden in the backyard of my home in Beachwood, New Jersey. Though inexperienced, I feel like I’m making up for it (at least a little) in enthusiasm. I’ve been … Read more