Late June in My NJ Garden

I didn’t think any of the squash or cucumbers had a chance of coming through and bearing fruit this year with the zillions of cucumber beetles and squash bugs I saw earlier in the season, but these plants are troopers! Now that the hot weather has hit, shade or full sun, they are bursting forth … Read more

Late Spring Garden Progress

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not even June yet. It seems like the growing season started so early this year. I took some pictures around the yard so see how things are growing so far. Yesterday I removed the 2 volunteer squash I had growing in the keyhole garden. It was an … Read more

Getting Busy in the Keyhole Garden

It doesn’t look like there is much planted in there now, but those tiny plants are going to fill in all that space real soon. I’ve planted various kinds of peppers, nasturtiums, cabbage, escarole, strawberry spinach, kohlrabi, radishes and a couple of marigolds in the keyhole this spring. I’ve already got a volunteer squash or … Read more

Companion Planting and Ruth Stout’s Gardening Method

Egyptian walking onions look different every season, I swear. I don’t remember them doing THIS last year, but then, this is only the second spring I’ve had them growing in the garden. Don’t they look weird? Those little pouches started out down at the base of the plant and moved up to the top over … Read more

So Much Planting Going On!

These are some lettuce transplants that are starting to grab hold in the keyhole garden. I’ve started some greens in there from seed and they are coming up slow. You can see a couple of tiny seedlings down near the bottom. I can’t wait till it’s filled with ruffled green leaves! The nurseries are sending … Read more