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Vegetables Planted in Spring 2010

I’m waiting till it gets a bit warmer to plant the pole garden beans and the oregano, but all the rest have already been planted. The Tomatoes and Peppers and still inside in their peat pots becoming strong little seedlings as we speak. (or type as the case may be)

One Veg Garden Planted, Three To Go!

So far, only one of the four planned vegetable garden beds have the railroad tie borders around them due to dh’s hectic retail schedule. Since one of them was ready to go, I got busy planting it today. This veg bed, bed D, already had some garlic growing at one…

Glad I Made a Garden Plan

I’m usually the kind of person to start a project with a rough idea of how I’d like it to turn out. Often, I’ve been known to wing it. Hell, I describe myself as someone who usually flies by the seat of my pants and makes it by the skin…