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The Perfect Gift

Evie and Mick’s souvenir gift for Jasper and I from their honeymoon Disney Vacation. She knows me so well – OF COURSE I need a Mickey Mouse Garden Gnome!!!

Fruit Trees, Shrubs and Berries Planted Spring 2010

Illini Blackberry Developed and patented by the Univ. of Illinois and cultivated for northern growers, tests prove “Illini” hardier, more vigorous, and more abundant in crops of top quality fruit than you will get from older varieties. Shiny, black berries taste a lot like delicious, wild blackberries. Extensive field tests…

Vegetables Planted in Spring 2010

I’m waiting till it gets a bit warmer to plant the pole garden beans and the oregano, but all the rest have already been planted. The Tomatoes and Peppers and still inside in their peat pots becoming strong little seedlings as we speak. (or type as the case may be)