My ‘Neat’ Compost Enclosure Didn’t Work

In the fall I tried to clean up my compost operation that was taking over a corner of my back yard. The original pile was semi-enclosed with a short wall of border bricks. It was messy and I got sick of looking at it after a while. I spread all my finished compost as mulch … Read more

My Kingdom For More Mulch!

My parents graciously passed along 3 bags containing 3 cubic ft. each of cedar mulch they purchased last year and didn’t need. (Didn’t NEED? Hard to imagine.) Today the kids and I spread this free shredded wood around some of my new plants and trees. I’ll need about 4 or 6 more bags to cover … Read more

Hurry Up And Get It In The Ground!

I have a shipment that came in a few days ago from Miller Nursery and I want to plant it all before I loose it! Yesterday I planted my All in One Almond Tree in full sun in the front yard. I hope I added enough compost to the hole because the earth was really … Read more

Gardening in NJ, the Garden State!

I’ll start with a disclaimer… I am a beginner! I’m no expert gardener by any means. In fact, last year I planted my very first vegetable garden in the backyard of my home in Beachwood, New Jersey. Though inexperienced, I feel like I’m making up for it (at least a little) in enthusiasm. I’ve been … Read more

I Bought My Berries Today

I was going to plant asparagus this season but I just bought a bunch of berry plants from instead. I got an almond tree too! Somebody stop me! 🙂

Front Yard Landscaping Project

*updated 3/21/2018* This is the first bit where I can go back and say that I began to consider landscaping as something that began to be important to me. Our yard was full of rocks. It was relatively low maintenance for the elderly woman who lived there for half a century before we did and … Read more