Next year I’ll start with more peppers and eggplants

I’m deficient this year. I think the seeds had gotten too old, especially the sweet peppers. The hot pepper seeds seem to last longer than the sweet. When I start seeds in spring I need to make sure I get at least 5 successful sweet peppers and 5 successful eggplant to plant out. If I can’t get them to catch on, I have to keep trying until they do. I don’t have enough sweet peppers and eggplants this year.

I got a big load of wood chips delivered from a local tree service today. I’m using them to apply another thick layer to the back 1/4 of the back yard and define the edge of the garden and lawn.

The new plants that Gourney’s sent me are in the ground, but the bare root woody stuff isn’t showing signs of life yet. I need to remember when I order from Gourney’s and Farmer seed that they don’t wait till spring and fall to ship…. I think this will be the 2nd time I lose a nectarine because I planted it in summer and it just can’t get started, no matter how much I water it in.

Boy, those monarchs are having a BLAST with the milkweed in the rain garden and on the side of the house. They’ve almost completely stripped the plants and there are butterflies dancing all around the yard. One of the plants is recovering and sending out a new flush of foliage already which is SO cool!

This was the first year I planted okra and the flowers are just as pretty as I’ve heard they are. I’ll always plant some from now on. I haven’t tasted okra in years because I didn’t like the “slimy” texture, but I snapped off a fresh pod while I was watering the other day and crunched it up while I was outside. Not bad!! Kind of tasted like a green bean! And I kept waiting for the offensive slimy-ness, and was surprised that it really didn’t seem to be happening. Maybe it’s the variety? Anyway… I dig it raw, right off the plant! Good to know.