Unexpected Delivery of Dwarf Mulberry and Yakon. I’ll take it!

You know you have a problem when spring comes and suddenly plants start getting delivered that you forgot you ever ordered. I opened the box from UPS… “What the heck did I order from Baker’s Creek?” My mom says “Well, maybe you didn’t order it and they sent it by mistake.” Once I saw that it was 2 dwarf mulberry trees and 2 yakon starts, I knew it must have been me. “Na, these are things I WOULD order… I just don’t remember doing it.”

So, just in time for my decision to invite more birds into the yard, I received my dwarf mulberry trees. SUPER! Ask, and you shall receive!! The mulberries went into the back yard near the fence, but I put the yakon into a pot in the greenhouse because it think it may be a little chilly for them outside for a few more weeks. Here are the planting tags that came with both plants…

I’ve put in a few other new plants this week and in the interest of record keeping, let’s list them.

  • raspberries (from Phyllis) 3
  • asparagus (also from Phyllis) 2 – added to back of asparagus bed
  • moved perennial flower from shade garden to front near goji
  • new rosemary replaces nectarine that died last year
  • prickly pear and hyacinth bulbs from Easter planted in front bed with other bulbs
  • American ginseng roots were put in 2 weeks ago in the shade garden