Propagating figs with cuttings

This is the first time I’ve considered growing figs. My friend Theresa texted me yesterday to tell me she was pruning her fig trees before bringing them into the garage for the winter and asked if I wanted a few cuttings. How could I refuse?!

I’m not sure of the variety, as she took branches from 2 different trees. One is a Peter’s Honey and one is a Mission. Since this is the first time I’m ever even trying cuttings in a serious way – I’m not worried. It’s all an experiment.

fig tree cuttings

I cut the larger branches into 6″ pieces and wrapped them in damp paper towels. I’ve put the damp paper towels in the tupperware container and plan to open it and give it some fresh air each day. In a couple days, I’ll put them in a container with damp moss and let roots happen – airing it out each day and making sure moisture stays consistent.

I found the video below, and a few others on youtube, and I feel confident that I can get this to work as long as I can get roots before mold happens on the cuttings.

**UPDATE** This experiment is going well! I’ve updated my progress with another post – please visit propagating-figs-with-cuttings-part-2 to read more about these little fig trees!