Planting Chard in the Keyhole Garden

It’s been weeks since it’s rained here! I can’t believe how often I’ve needed to use the sprinklers since I’ve planted my seeds in the veggie gardens in the back yard. The grass seed is coming up beautifully and I’ve already seeded over what I initially put down. I’m keeping track of what I planted and when in the garden calendar. I’m hoping that the grass fills in really well so I can stand firm in my conviction that sod is for suckers (or people with way more money than I’ve got)! haha.

The back yard will have plenty of greens for the cool weather season: raab, peas, lettuce and kale. I’m still harvesting from a few swiss chard plants that are surviving in the keyhole garden in the front yard, but it wouldn’t hurt to start some more, especially since I’ve got some room up there right now. The seeds are planted!