Morn Not Your Dead Loquat

The bad news is the Loquat definitely didn’t survive the winter. It was a mild winter, but zone 7 pushed this Japanese Plum too far.
The good news is that a prime spot for a fruit tree doesn’t sit fallow for a moment in this yard. I picked up a Semi-Dwarf Red Bartlett Pear from Big Lots for $15. My neighbor has another pear nearby that should work as a pollinator, so I’ll only need one in my yard. I think I need to prune about 3′ off the top of the central leader. What do you think? Do I step away from the pruners or take a little off the top?

1 thought on “Morn Not Your Dead Loquat”

  1. I too want to grow a Loquat. I have shade and my Google search led me to D’Anjou pear or Loquat. Pears need two to fruit while Loquat is self fertile. I found that I wanted a dwarf and found an Advance tree would work well for me. Now I am searching for a New Jersey tree because I live here and if it is grown here it might survive. Our winters are harsh but I wrap my trees and mulch them when winter comes. PH testing of our soil gives my plantings an edge and they love my compost and care. I wish you better luck but until you know your soils PH you will continue to fail. Get a test kit or bring a sample of your soil to the local USDA office. They will help you with addendums.

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