Starting Seeds Indoors and Saying a Few Words for the Loquat Tree

starting_seedsStarting seeds indoors for Spring planting usually takes me a lot longer than I think it’s going to take. This year, I was ready. I set myself up with my shoe boxes of seeds, one flat of 72 plastic cells, complete with tray, clear plastic dome and seed warming electric mat. I got some Angry Orchard hard cider and flipped on a couple of episodes of Vampire Diaries I had to catch up on. Can you get any better than that? haha!

I started a little bit of a lot of things in that flat, including: pok choi, kale, escarole, lettuce, broccoli, sweet basil, lime basil, Rutgers, marglobe, chocolate cherry and my friend Alesha’s tomatoes, jalepeno, pablano, sweet banana and bell peppers, eggplants and rat tailed radishes.

All this while heating and cooling the milk for Foolproof crockpot greek yogurt in the kitchen. (Thank you Jillee!)


Winter still has it’s chilly grip on the Jersey Shore right now and I’ve been keeping a regretful eye on my dearly departing loquat tree in front of my front door. I knew it probably wouldn’t make it through the season in the ground since I took it out of the pot this summer, but now I need to turn my sights on what kind of edible shrub or dwarf fruit tree and I can put in it’s place. Hopefully the new pineapple guavas I planted in the foundation garden this summer don’t follow suit. We’ll see if they jump up again come spring or if they really are down for the count.


4 thoughts on “Starting Seeds Indoors and Saying a Few Words for the Loquat Tree”

  1. I live here at the Shore too! Surprised you are starting tomatoes and peppers already, I am right now working on celery, onions, leek and several flower seeds that needed real early starting.

    It has been so very cold, and am so looking forward to spring this year. It has not been a very snowy winter, thankfully, but this cold is more than I can stand. Florida is looking better and better every year! LOL!!

    Here’s to a great gardening year here at the Shore!

  2. YES! I’ve started tomatoes this early in the past and I’ve had to pot them up twice before it was warm enough to put them in the ground. I’m ok with that. It may be a little early for the peppers and eggplant, but my seedlings never got off the ground last year so I want to give myself enough time for a mulligan if something goes wrong again. I’ll be getting them going indoors first, then moving them out to a coldframe toward the end of March, I think. Good luck with your garden this year Deborah! 🙂

  3. Your gardens look absolutely beautiful – I actually live over on Neptune Avenue, and I am going to try to do a real garden for the first time this year – having said that, I don’t think I have the capability to start seeds indoors this year (no space), so I’ll just have to buy tomato plants from that nursery place in Pine Beach. . . wish me luck!

    as to a fruit tree – have you considered quince? It doesn’t produce hand fruit, but it makes DIVINE jellies and confections. . . although I don’t know if it comes in a dwarf variety. . .

  4. Thank you Erica! I’ll let you know if I have any extra seedlings come planting time! I’ve gotten plants from that farmer’s market on 9 and they have been great, and very reasonably priced too. I haven’t considered quince, I’ve never seen one! Do you have a quince? I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

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