Enjoying the August Garden While Waiting for Elderberries and Sunchokes

The elderberries are almost ripe! These bushes are right near the street in the front yard, so they aren’t netted at all. I’m keeping a close eye on them so I might get some before the birds do.

Those sunchokes, or Jerusalem artichokes, on the right, are pretty tall now. I don’t even see one flower head on them though. Still waiting for those chocolate smelling flowers.

Right by the mailbox we’ve got some basil, eggplant and some touch-me-nots in bloom!

Here’s that mailbox garden view from the street. I could have tucked in a few low annual flowers for color.

This one is malabar spinach. It’s very heat tolerant and grows as a vine with dark green leaves and red stems. It’s so pretty! The leaves and stem are fleshy, but they taste a lot like spinach, cooked or raw. What a great plant! At the base of each leaf is a little spray of tiny white/pinkish flowers that look like the flowers on grape hyacinth. I want to grow a lot more of this next year. The photo here is just one plant.

I’ve got some turnips, radishes and mustard planted in the keyhole for fall, but look there! Do you see that volunteer vine winding through the middle? It’s got small melon or cucumber flowers on it. I wonder what it is!!

And here is a lesson in disease resistance. haha. The tomato on the left was a mortgage lifter. Big, sweet, juicy tomatoes until KA-BLAM, yellow leaves of death. The paste sausage tomato and the grape tomato are unaffected so far. I’m trashing the dead plant tomorrow and planting lettuce there in it’s place.