Harvested Garlic and Happy Squash

2012-07-02 20.43.07

I had the kids pull the garlic from the yard today. There are different varieties, so some of the heads are big and some are small. They look great and I’m going to save the biggest heads to replant in the fall. I also started taking down the pea plants and saving the last peas to plant again. I’ve got Lincoln peas and Oregon snow peas.

I cut down the last kale from last year because the seed pods were starting to split. The kids love opening in them and collecting the seeds for me.

The chocolate cherry tomatoes in the yard a looking so plump and lovely – not ripe yet, but soon! 

2012-07-02 20.43.43

The squash are very busy doing their thing and growing like gang busters. They just love the heat. And the cucumbers have finally started climbing the trellis! Yes!

It looks like my third try at planting corn might give me…. oh, 3 new plants for the 10 or 12 kernels I planted. Survival of corn seedlings directly sown in the ground seems to really stink in this bed! If I try corn again, I might start them in peat pots first and then transplant them.