January 25, 2021

Some Color for the Shade Garden!

Husband wanted to stop at Lowes today while our boy was in school. No argument from me! A-girl and I took a stroll through the Garden department while he ran some fix-it errands inside. I picked up and planted a Peony and 3 Begonias today. I went so far as to dig the hole and amend the soil for the Peony is a lovely, full sun area of my front yard, before I saw the “part sun” bit on the packaging. Upon further inspection, it told me that it really loves morning sun only, so I rolled my wheelbarrow to the other side of the yard and found a better spot. If all goes well, this could be the PERFECT, forever, place for this… I hope she’s as beautiful as I imagine.


Last year, G brought home a wax begonia for Mother’s day. I planted it in the garden and that sucker lasted ALL season and flowered happily right up until frost. I hope these lovelies do as well.

I also bought and used Hollytone organic fertilizer to use on my acid loving plants. The side of the bag says it works well with lots of plants I had in the  yard so I gave some to my amaryllis, blueberries (which haven’t really been doing all that well), lingonberries, phlox, pierris, rhodes (which also seem to be struggling), azaleas (these seem to be fading too), lily of the valley, golden shadows dogwood, ferns, and bleeding hearts.

I caught Kylie out there tasting it later in the day. YIKES! She drank lots of water this evening. I hope she doesn’t get sick. I watered it into the soil around the plants in the back (after I caught her). I should have done that when I first put it down.

Also, I used one of my best kitchen knives to cut some intruding turf away from the edges of my asparagus bed today. Don’t ask me why I did it, I couldn’t stop myself. Sometimes I think I’m such a lunatic when I’m out there. I rationalized it because I didn’t want to damage any of the little asparagus coming up by trying to do it with a spade or a shovel… it was precise work. I hope my knife is none the worse for wear.

I put down a layer of compost over the patch and picked and ate my first asparagus spear from my 3 year old Mary Washington plants right out there in the garden. Ahhhhhh, it was so good. I LOVE asparagus. Another probable reason to sacrifice my best knife for the good of the bed.