Newspaper Pots, More Hugulkultur and What’s Growing Now

Here’s a peek inside my greenhouse so you can see the newspaper pots! I followed this tutorial on youtube, but instead of a soup can, which turned out to be pretty big, I used a spray oil can which is concave on the bottom and let me tuck the bottoms of the pots up against that so they would stand up straight after I slipped them off the can. It’s a much better size. I’ve got tomatoes and peppers and marigolds, some chard and some other veggies starting up in those. I’ve got another plastic tray so I’ll make up one more in the next day or so.

See that lovely plant on the left? THAT is my loquat tree!! This is what it looked like when I got it last February.

2012-03-01 17.24.30

It’s been out in the greenhouse all winter so I’m pretty confident that if I plant it against the south wall of the house and mulch it heavily, I might get it to survive in the ground. I’m going to try it.

I renovated the keyhole garden for the season. Pulled up the rest of the kale and since the level of soil had settled about 4 inches since last spring, I decided to engage my newest favorite style of permaculture and make the keyhole garden even MORE efficient. HUGULKULTUR! I just expanded the driveway bed last week (see that post here) using hugulkultur, and I still had some large, old, cut stumps in the backyard. I decided to dig up the keyhole and bury the really big wood at the bottom. I put some straw/manure on top and then covered them back up with the soil that was already in the garden. Now the level is back up where it should be and we have a LOT more organic matter hiding under that dirt. I’m looking forward to seeing how the crops do in there this year because last year was really great.

2012-02-23 15.02.422012-02-23 15.03.42

The only crops happening outside now are my Egyptian walking onions and my circle o’ garlic. The Elderberry bushes are also starting to leaf out. I’m jealous of my neighbor because he has daffodils blooming. At least I get to enjoy them too.


2012-03-01 17.24.582012-03-01 17.25.08