Starting seeds for 2012

I started my first seeds of 2012 tonight in my aerogarden garden starter tray. I few golden acre and flat Dutch cabbages, a few snowball cauliflower and some giant escarole. This week I will make some newspaper pots and start some more cold weather seeds in the unheated greenhouse in the yard. I want to plant the cabbage in the keyhole garden. I’ll plant some more broccoli in there because the blue leaves were really pretty against all the green chard and red brick last year and when they flowered, the bees just loved the little yellow blooms. Also, I’ll add some nasturtiums to the keyhole this year, I think they will look just dazzling, spilling over the side of the bed.

I need to call some local tree services and see if I can get someone to dump a load of woodchips for me. I need a lot more mulch this season. Last year’s load has broken down beautifully and I think everything could use a fresh layer.

The crocus and lilies are beginning to push up through the soil, but unlike some other NJ gardeners I’ve heard from recently, mine aren’t ready to bloom yet.