December 4, 2020

Somebody Talk Me Out of Cutting Down This Tree Myself

2012-01-06 12.08.41All I can think of is “Husband would KILL me if it hits the house.” I also can’t find the chainsaw I know is lurking in the garage somewhere. But I’m crazy. I really am. I have a kickin’ little Fat Max Stanley handsaw (see the link to buy it on Amazon) AND I have a dewalt sawza I’ve been using to size up some firewood we have had in the yard for a long time. I’m sure I could get a chainsaw from SOMEBODY. There IS enough room in the yard that if I can get it to fall the right way, it won’t hit the house or the fence, there is actually a pretty big pie slice of ground where it can fall safely. But it’s a BIG tree and I don’t think any person I actually KNOW will think it’s a good idea for me to try it so I have asked for help to Tree service jacksonville fl to cut it down.

ARGH. I just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to have the damn thing cut down professionally. Now is the TIME though, man! The leaves are gone so cutting it up will be super easy and we can keep most of it for firewood. This tree shades a big part of my garden in spring/summer, and throws stupid, annoying and spikey little seed-balls all over the yard every year. It’s huge and ugly because half of the branches are cut off because it’s way too close to the house and they hang over the roof. It’s GOT to go.

Before you comment, please remember that I’ve acknowledged that I already know that I’m Bat Shit CRAZY. Thank you.

I have a feeling that I might be one of the people who become the reasons for certain township ordinances “for the greater good”.

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  1. I really want to tell you that you’re crazy and that you shouldn’t do it, but I want to do the same thing!!!

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