Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse, 6 Feet X 8 Feet X 7 Feet

I’m so glad I bought it. I got it from Amazon at the link to the right and we put it up today. My husband and I had it up in about 1/2 hour. It’s so sturdy! The pipe frame that holds it all together is metal with a powder coat finish and it’s like the width of a canister vacuum cleaner handle, you know what I mean? I guess about 1 1/2 inches and it’s held together with wing nuts so you don’t even need a screw driver. Everything lined up just the way it was supposed to, unlike when I had to put the damn garden arch together in the front yard.

The cover is thick with big sturdy zippers and velcro. It has a front and a back door and 4 roll up windows with screens to keep the bugs out but allow ventilation on super hot days. It’s seriously cool. Also, to make sure the cover doesn’t flap around in the wind and weather, it’s secured to the frame with velcro straps on the inside at each corner and all these little bungie cords along the base and roof lines. (take a look at the pictures below)

I’m looking forward to getting some shelves in there and to get growing. I think I might want to move it closer to the house so I’ll be more likely to water frequently and it’ll be easier to get to in not so nice weather. The only spots closer to the house are quite shady now, but will get sun in the fall after the trees lose their leaves. So, do I leave it here, or move it? Decisions, decisions…

4 thoughts on “Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse, 6 Feet X 8 Feet X 7 Feet”

  1. Lisa, that is so cool! I want a greenhouse, but so far don’t even have a vegetable bed this year. I will be doing a fall garden, luckily we have a late fall here in the South. 😉 Whatcha goin’ grow in yer greenhouse?

  2. Hi,
    Do you have any updates on your new greenhouse? I recently scored the same one at Lowes in Howell for 50 bucks… I know, couldn’t believe it either, nor could I pass it up…

    Went together so easily and looks great. I think I am going to put two 2×8 raised beds in mine, leaving a 2ft walkway down the middle.

  3. $50?!?! Did they have anymore?! I’m going to check Lowes out and see if they do, that’s amazing! This greenhouse is awesome, but I did get nervous when I heard Irene was on her way. I took the whole thing down and put it back up again when it was over. She’s sturdy, but I didn’t know how much of a PITA Irene was going to be.
    Soooo, my plants got a little stressed out from all that moving around. They were hanging out in my garage while I was hiding out in PA with my family.
    They seem to be recovering nicely out there though. I’ll post some new pictures of how I arranged my shelving and let everyone know what’s growing in there tomorrow.
    Thanks for the reminder and congrats on the GREAT deal. I’m so glad I bought this!

  4. I think it was a one off deal because the box was in really poor shape but all tge parts were there. I immediately put it together to make sure and everything was good to go. Cant wait to utilize it this spring. It cant hurt to check though as this is the time of year deals are to be had on outdoor items. I would certainly pay full price for another one, as it seems to be a very well made product.

    P.s. Love your blog, it’s great to see all the practical ideas from someone in my USDA zone.

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