Planted Squash, Cucumber, Melons and Some Flowers This Week.

Yesterday I planted some more bush beans in the front and back yard and put some nasturtium seeds in the garden too. I hope they come up sooner this year than last year.

Today I put some purple tansy seeds directly in the garden around my started squash and zucchini plants. I hope these will help repel the borers that have taken down my zucchini plants for the past 2 years.

Zucchini, winter squash, pumpkin, and greens in the keyhole garden.

What an awful picture this is (above) – I need to make the driveway garden wider and lose even more of this poor excuse for a lawn. This is the area that gets the MOST SUN during the day. How frustrated am I that my keyhole garden is shaded until 11am?! I planted a couple of watermelon seedlings in there 2 days ago. We’ll see how well they produce with so much shade. The squash in the low garden to the right of it get much more sun. They should do fine if I can keep the borers away.

The 3 tufts are Siberian iris I divided from my Aunt Kathy's house. Behind that is a sea of naturalized lilly of the valley and down in front I just planted some borage seeds. https://mynjgarden.comI planted the rest of the Siberian iris that I divided from Aunt Kathy’s garden in the back yard next to the lily of the valley. I also added some borage seeds down in front in what looks like empty dirt at the bottom of the picture. This was an accidental garden bed on my part. Almost 1/3 of the back yard used to be a tangled mess of ivy when we moved in. I yanked most of the ivy out, but left a section of the tangled mess because I got tired of doing it. I guess I killed enough of the strangling ivy that the lily of the valley that were struggling underneath were able to spring up in their stead. I’ve taken very little time to weed around it. I’ve moved some of it out and tried to rescue some of the pachysandra that can’t keep up with the lily of the valley and are starting to become overwhelmed. Other than that, I simply mow around it and it seems to be thriving! Easiest garden ever. hahaha.


3 thoughts on “Planted Squash, Cucumber, Melons and Some Flowers This Week.”

  1. You are such a good gardener! How totally cool. You do so much work in your garden, it is really inspiring.

  2. Thank you Julie. I love the keyhole garden too. I wish the area got a little more sun, but the greens like it there and I think there is plenty of sun for salad there.

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