I can move mulch mountains!

There’s still a bit left, but I’ll use it all in the next day or so. When the guys dumped it, the mulched had covered some of the herb bed, but I was able to move the mound off the herbs by the end of the 2nd day so they seem to be recovering nicely.

I was fascinated by the heat the pile was generating. I even took some video of steam rising up off the pile. The chipped trees must have a been a perfect mixture of the brown wood chips and green leaves to create the same decomposition and heat I aim for in my backyard compost piles. A-girl was outside with me while I was shoveling it into the wheel barrow and she ran in the house to tell her brother “I saw SMOKE in the MULCH!!”

Here’s where it went. It looks like kind of a mess in my pictures, but I like it in real life. And after all, I garden to please myself, my soil and my plants. I’m thinking when the mulch ages, the color will be a little less obvious and it will weather into the landscape a little more. The main goal was to use it to create pathways between the backyard veggie beds and to connect the 4 separate beds in the front corner of the front yard. Mission accomplished.