Potted up the Tomatoes… again.

Vegetables When I Planted

Last night I was struck with what I thought was a brilliant idea. I would take the bendy parts of one of the kid tents (that my kids NEVER use) and make a wigwam style hoop house over my tomato bed so I could get my tomatoes in the ground before mid May this year. I started them in my aerogarden on Feb 21 which I now discover is TOO EARLY if I don’t want to have to pot them up twice before I plant them.

Not that the tomatoes mind, in fact they seem to enjoy being put into larger pots. They grow stronger, sturdier and produce more roots along the bottom of the stem. All good things for the tomatoes, but more work for me. Not that I mind – I’m happiest when I’m playing in the dirt.

So back to my brilliant idea. I knew I had a plastic painters dropcloth somewhere in the garage and by some miracle I was able to put my hands on it this morning. I marauded the tent and took what I needed and began to set up my hoop house. It went a lot different in my head. THIS, my friends, is a gardening FAIL. haha.


Ok, maybe it doesn’t look so bad in the picture. But this is a little video clip I took of this disaster. I sliced the corners so I could fit the plastic around the posts of my trellis. I have a feeling the wind is going to tear it to shreds. Take a look…

So I don’t think it will last long. I haven’t taken it down yet, but I have a feeling pieces of it will be flying around the neighborhood before next week.

With this in mind, I potted up my tomatoes for the 2nd time, knowing full well that a sane person wouldn’t plant them in the ground until May 15th. Somebody punch me if I convince myself I can get away with doing it sooner. Thank goodness I saved all those milk jugs!!