Bed frame trellis and lilac’s first bloom!

On the nice days I’m making trips back and forth to my recycling center to get 3 garbage cans at a time filled with compost in the back of my minivan. Hey, I may look like a train wreck while I’m doing it, but I’ve got to work with what I’ve got. Someday I’ll get a truck! I bring it back to the house, spread it on some beds, and the next nice day I do it again. My soil is so heavy with clay that I can really use as much compost as I can haul!

My wheel barrow completely fell apart a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been dragging the garbage cans around the yard in my kids red wagon. I need to get a garden cart.

I just ordered by downspout diverter for my new rain barrel. I’m pretty disgusted that it didn’t come with one and I ended up paying $30 more to get one, but I’d rather pay the $30 than have the barrel overflowing all over my patio.

I feel like my greens (chard, lettuce and broccoli raab) are never going to take off. I should have started them in flats instead of direct seeding them in the garden. The weather has been so weird, they are just teeny tiny little seedlings. Bah. I can’t wait.

I did plant out some Baikal skullcap, valerian and some feverfew yesterday. They were getting bushy in their little 4” pots in the greenhouse so I figured it would be safe to put them in the ground.

My lilac is blooming for the first time! I got it as part of a garden package from SpringHill nursery back in 2007. I moved it across the yard last year and shocked it pretty badly – I didn’t know if it was going to make it. It looks like it’s coming back strong this year.

My lilac blooming for the first time! So pretty!

Oh, and today I dug an iron bed frame we aren’t using out of the garage. I put it up against the house, in case I want to use it as a trellis. Is it lame? Does it just look like I propped up an old bedframe or is it pretty? Should I let a cucumber grow up there this season? Abbie doesn’t have a bed frame around her mattress right now, and this one would fit, but I’m kind of nervous about the spikey corners – I’m afraid she will get hurt. My kids are bed jumpers. I think she needs a nice ROUNDY bed.

Dug this old bed frame out of the garage today. Do we like it here? Should we let a cucumber climb it?

Do we like the bed frame against the house?

What do you think?

Here are some more pics of what’s happening out in the garden:

hostas, cheesey lighthouse, azalea


carpet flox, magic carpet spirea

magic carpet spirea, carpet flox, iris in the back 

carpet flox and magic carpet spirea.

chives about to flower 

chives about to flower


Blueberry – plenty of flowers, not too many leaves though.


Lingonberry! First year! Look at the pretty pink flowers!


Palace purple heuchera. I hope it fills in all this space.

Pretty white flowers on this tree. I'm glad I pruned it heavily last year.

Pretty white flowers on that tree. Glad I pruned it like crazy last year.

Driveway garden extended down to the street this year.

I extended the driveway garden down to the street this year.

The shade garden needs a LOT of mulch!

Look at this disaster of a shade garden. I need to get rid of a LOT of weeds and rocks and bring in a LOT more mulch. One day it will be lush and ferney and beautiful!!