Almost Missed Tomato Tuesday!


It’s 11:30pm and I just found the Tomato Tuesday blog! I’m happy to participate by talking a little tomato and listing the varieties I’m growing this year. Thanks to the self-addressed-stamped-envelope heirloom tomato seeds I received this winter, I’ve got a nice variety of plants going already. Plants. Not seedlings. I started my tomatoes early this year and I am already finding myself pinching off little suckers in the greenhouse. I’ve potted them up once so far, but they need to be potted up again because I can NOT put them in the ground for at least another 3 weeks. Last year I was covering all my tomatoes and peppers up with row covers and plastic milk jugs every few nights because I jumped the gun and planted them too early. *sigh* I just get way to excited about home grown tomatoes.

The varieties I planted this year are: Ramapo, Giant Belgium, Black Krim, Sausage, Mexican Italian Tree Duo, Sunray, Black Cherry, Rutgers, Beefsteak, Hillbilly and The Miracle BPF. I’ll have at least one or two of each plant.

This tomato trellis I built will be a support system similar to what he put together in the video below. I built it as 3 panels, 2 short sides and the long top. They fit together pretty snugly, but for extra support, I tied the outside top corners together with twine. The 4 legs are sunk about 14” down into the bed. I’ll tie strings down to each plant along the top 3 rungs of the trellis. I like the idea of using the strings instead of staking each individual plant because no matter how diligently I keep after them, the tomato bed is usually such a mess mid season. Tomorrow I’ll take and upload a picture of the bed and add it to this post.

Here are some more pictures of what’s happening out there in the garden today:

Virginia blue bells – they aren’t looking very blue. I wonder if soil ph has something to do with it?

Bleeding hearts

I forgot what these tulips were supposed to look like until they opened. They are so pretty!



Oregano (started from seed last year) and chamomile (reseeded from last year).

4 thoughts on “Almost Missed Tomato Tuesday!

  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for participating in Tomato Tuesday and putting the banners up. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog and it looks great! This is exactly why I started – so I, and others could find garden bloggers talking tomato!

    Good luck with your plants. I love Black Krim and Black Cherry!

    Thanks again,


  2. How big is your yard, Lisa? I read about you planting all this stuff, and I think, “Her yard must be enormous!” We have 1/4 of an acre, and I can’t imagine planting that much on it.

  3. Not THAT big really. It’s all relative I guess, hahaha. We lived in a condo before this so that had zero yard. This place seems enormous. We are on a 120′ wide by 100′ deep lot. I’ve got lots of shade in the back yard, but I’ve put 8 veggie beds, 2 apple trees, a strawberry and asparagus patch, horseradish and blackberries back there in the sunniest spots. The front yard gets more sun so that’s where I’ve put the rest of my berries and the new keyhole garden. Yeah, I plan to fill every plantable inch! 🙂

  4. Marc, I love the idea of Tomato Tuesday! I’ll do my best to remember to post about them each week. My plants are actually making me nervous this year because I only have one or two of each variety and I want to make sure I try them all. No plant left behind! I hope they all make it! 🙂

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