Presenting, The Garden Arch

Lawn Weather

I had most of my gardening ‘stuff’ hanging out in my popup greenhouse in the backyard this winter. I took everything out to move the greenhouse into position in the sun to use for seedlings and started finding a home for the large pots and 1/2 bags of soil and gloves and things that were inside in the garage. I wasn’t done and it RAINED last night – everything is soaked. grrrrrr. I NEED a shed!!!!!!

I built this garden arch, a birthday present from my lovely sister, and dug the bed beneath it yesterday. It’s pretty huge and a big commitment for the front yard. I hope it doesn’t blow down 1/2 way through the season. Some of the cheesy screws provided to hold it together were really ticking me off. I couldn’t use the stakes provided because they wouldn’t secure to the base properly grrrrrrrrrr so instead I hammered 6 bamboo garden stakes into the ground where I wanted it to go and then I slipped the hollow metal legs of the arch over the stakes. I feel like I need to find another way to secure the thing, I would hate to have it fall over when cucumbers are growing all over it. I would definitely cry.

I plan to grow cucumbers up the sides, but first I plant some radishes and nasturtiums down below. I have some alfalfa seeds I want to plant. They are deep rooted ‘pea’ plants that fix nitrogen into the soil. Supposed to have purple flowers. Not sure if it will be good for the front yard or just look like a weed. The soil here needs a LOT of help. I’m workin’ on it.