Mouse in the Greenhouse!

At least I think that’s what it is.

I’ve been dragging the greenhouse into the garage at night and then right outside the door here in the mornings. My greenhouse isn’t heated, so I’m afraid to leave it out at night this early in spring. The sides don’t zip all the way down, but I’m sure the little buggers could get in there even if they did. It’s not happening while the greenhouse it outside. I’m sure it’s happening while it’s in the garage. Honestly, as long as they don’t come in the house, I couldn’t care less if they take shelter in my garage but EATING MY PLANTS?!?! No way Jose. This means war.

So far, he’s munched on my broccoli, cabbage, pok choi, peppers and eggplant seedlings. I’m SO pissed. They don’t seem to be touching the tomatoes or the lettuce though – just the tiniest seeds/seedlings. Though I planted the eggplant and peppers last month and they were JUST getting their first set of true leaves when CHOMP – now I’ve just got tiny little stems, the leaves have been eaten.

Today I’m going to buy mousetraps and arrange them ever so carefully among my seedlings… Yeah. They crossed a line man.

1 thought on “Mouse in the Greenhouse!”

  1. So, did you catch him?

    He must have thought he’d died and gone to mousy heaven! “An entire buffet of greenery for me to eat! All for me! Yay!”

    Little did he know about the mousetrap among the delicacies. 😉

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