Keyhole Garden Progress

The walls of the keyhole garden are complete. All told, I spent just about $100 on the 2 top levels of brick because I already had the 2 bottom levels around the yard.

I lined the side walls with cardboard, but not the bottom. Some of the other keyhole gardens I’ve seen online line the bottom with cardboard, but I just dug up the soil all around and began adding new soil and compost on top.

My center basket is made from 4 wood 2x2s and some light bamboo stakes to make it a circle instead of a square. I wrapped these with temporary plastic fence, the kind you find at construction sites to block off an area.

The center basket is filled with leaves and I just added the first food scraps two days ago.

I’m filling up the rest of the garden with compost and soil from the recycling center and some of the compost from the yard. I have wood ashes to add and I’ll do that with the next layer. Almost done! I’ve got some time to let the garden rest until I plant, I’ll be using this bed for peppers, eggplant, melon and bush beans. I’ll direct sow sometime after May 15th.

I’ve started seeds in my aerogarden in the seeds starting tray. 66 seedlings fit! I set up some more seedlings sitting in my window sill too. Some of the wintersown seeds are starting to germinate! I think I saw the yarrow coming up in the flat outside. Good News! The fruit cocktail tree I planted last year didn’t die yet! I’m so glad I didn’t pull it up during the winter when it was looking so dry and grey. I see new growth on almost every leaf bud out there now!