Keyhole Garden is All Filled Up!

Oooooh, my back! (well, not yet. but I’m gonna feel it tomorrow.)

This dark patch is where my spring bulbs are starting to come up. We’ve been hanging out in the front yard and the kids were getting dangerously close to running right through them. I had to make them noticeable! I can’t wait for the flowers! The 5 small dark circles of mulch in the background are those 5 new nanking cherries I planted the other day…

The kids helped me plant peas in the back yard today – but I didn’t have a chance to plant anything else. Hopefully the rest of the week will have nice weather. I welcome spring showers, but I’m hoping they come at night. hahaha.

3 thoughts on “Keyhole Garden is All Filled Up!”

  1. Not sure off the top of my head because 1/2 of them used to line the edge of our driveway before I moved them to build the keyhole. I bought the rest to finish off the top two levels… That cost about $100. Most of the others came from around the yard. the back of the garden, the pie slice, has different kinds of bricks and rocks in it, though the circle is mostly made up of the same type of brick. I’ll count the bricks for you and reply again.

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