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2011 Garden Plan

Here it is. The plan for this season. I’m about to plant the cool seasons stuff any day now – peas, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, raab… I want to get out there and do it!! The seedlings in the aerogarden are getting big and I’ve already had to take some out and pot them up because they are shading out the rest.

I planted 2 new berry bushes yesterday behind the 2 boxwoods on the side of the house. Planted 5 nanking cherry bushes earlier this week in the front yard. I gave the extra 3 to my neighbor – it’s always a good idea to give peaceful gifts to the folks who live around you. 

I just finished digging garden “E” yesterday – still need to double dig garden F and G. These gardens will be no-dig after this – I’ll just apply a layer of compost to the top and plant from now on.

The onions and garlic are already planted and coming up in garden D. These are Egyptian walking onions – so I imagine this will be the only bed I won’t be rotating the crops in because they are perennial onions and will multiply here and come back year after year.

The circle with the broccoli had a pole bean teepee in it last  year – so the soil should be pretty awesome for a brassica crop this year.

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