I waded through snow to add some scraps to my compost bin today and was happy to find a lot of snow had melted away all around it. Hot pile!

I’m sure some folks have compost that’s steaming in the snow with a nice melted path around the edge, but I was happy to find this today. I’ll take it!

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. You go Lisa!! I’ve never gotten mine that hot. I’m a lazy composter, I just throw it in and turn it when I feel like it. Also, it doesn’t snow too often here, so it is hard to tell if it is hot or not. I figure, it makes compost in a season, and the compost makes the plants grow, so I’m doing something right. 😉

    Stay warm!

  2. I hope so Katy. Most of what I read about compost says to have all your materials together when you build the pile so you can layer it and estimate the right ratio – but that’s not how I get my hands on materials. I’m chin-high in browns in fall because of all the leaves and then early summer fills my pile with weeds I’m pulling from all over the place. It’s so unbalanced!! This time I’m going to be sure to pile up more browns all by themselves so I’ll have carbons to layer in with the weeds mid summer. Other than that, I’m just adding things as I go and hope I can get it hot every once in a while.

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