I Got My Mountain Laurel!


I had moved the hydrangeas about a month ago and the lilac early in the spring. The lilies needed to be divided and as I said in a couple of previous posts, I really liked this spot for a dwarf mountain laurel. I dug up this whole foundation bed, mixed in a 32 gallon trashcan full of compost and graded it down away from the house. I put a boxwood on either end and the mountain laurel in the middle. Then I divided the Stella D’Oro lilies and spaced them out evenly along the front of the bed. I spread a few of what was left of the lilies around the yard and will bring the rest to my Cioci Kathy who has some lovely lilies, iris’ and other perennials she says I am welcome to divide from her yard if I want them.

I can’t wait to watch all this grow next spring!!