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How's It Growing? What I Planted When I Planted

I planted cabbage seeds in the front herb garden this week. I bought a garden bed from Walmart a couple of weeks ago, on sale for $10!! (see the product on Amazon here) I’ve wanted to set it up for a while now, but we’ve had so little rain that I’m sure my unbroken ground will be as hard as cement about now. So instead, I cut down the spinach mustard, whose leaves had gotten over 12” long and used those greens for the next 2 days. I pulled a couple of those plants that had bolted and removed some of the borage to make room.

The borage got HUGE – that is a big and bushy plant – so much so that it can barely support itself now. The ones I left are still happily producing the pretty blue flowers, but the stems are so heavy that they are collapsing onto the surrounding plants. I planted too many of these this year and won’t put them in the same place again, though they are producing seeds like mad and I’m sure I’ll have lots of little ones popping up there in the spring.

I was able to make enough room to plant probably 6 cabbage plants in that bed. First time growing these, let alone planting a crop for the fall, so we’ll see how this goes.

Once it rains, I’ll dig the new round bed in the front yard and maybe plant some peas for fall harvest… looks like I may have to build another tee pee.