Front Yard Fruit Thief!


I just couldn’t believe what happened today. My neighbor, just next door, has a beautiful pear tree growing close to the edge of our street on his side of our property line. A strange woman pulled up in front today and asked DH, who was standing on our lawn, "Is this your tree?" He said "No, it’s his." and pointed to our neighbor’s house.

She said, "I want some pears. Is he home?" DH said "Not sure." So she got out of her car and picked pears off his tree and left!!!! DH couldn’t believe it, came inside and told me.

DH didn’t confront her but I wish I’d been out there when she did it. I would have given her what for. I can’t BELIEVE that. And I JUST got a new fruit tree I was planning to put in the front yard. I can’t believe she thought NOTHING of stealing his fruit. I don’t have a problem sharing, but that sense of ENTITLEMENT and blatant STEALING is just awful. I feel like posting signs "For Your Eyes Only… Hands Off!" or "Please Ask, Don’t Take"

Then again… I didn’t take the photo of the pear I included in this post. Eek! I’m just as bad…

4 thoughts on “Front Yard Fruit Thief!

  1. No no! Not as bad. He can still eat his fruit after you’ve snapped away!

    Is DH a kid or grownup? I wouldn’t blame him even if he was an adult. I’ve been so taken aback by someone’s behavior, I was speechless. Then I get angry at myself for not thinking quicker and speaking up. But really, I think it’s good. If we lived in lawlessness and chaos, we would probably be a little quicker on our feet about such things. So I guess that means that we live in a safe and polite environment most of the time.

    (Great post btw. I saw it on FB and had to come here to see how the story ended.)

  2. DH is “dear husband” in newsgroup speak. haha. I hope she doesn’t make a habit of coming back to pick as she likes. If she does come back, I hope she talks to him or asks him for some fruit.

  3. I hope you don’t let the actions of one nitwit change your plans for planting fruit in the front yard. I’m sure there have been fruit thieves since there has been fruit, but your more lawful neighbors would no doubt enjoy the sight of a beautiful tree laden with fruit.

    Up here, our fruit thieves are of the animal variety: moose straight up eat the tree, and smaller critters steal or damage the fruit.

    Too bad no one got her driver’s license so a complaint could be filed….

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Christine – I do plan to plant the tree in the front – I might surprise her with a super soaker squirt gun if she tries to take my fruit though. haha. I’ll dig in the tree as soon as it rains here – we’ve been pretty parched here on the Jersey Shore all summer. Last night I left the sprinkler going on the backyard veggie gardens ALL NIGHT LONG by accident. The ground is NICE and soft back there… the front yard is pretty dry and REALLY hard though. I learned my lesson earlier this summer when I chipped a hole in the dry yard with my pick ax so I could transplant my lilac. I threw out my back and was shuffling around my house for 3 days! I’ll post pictures when I plant my new tree! 🙂

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