Two of my Zucchini Plants are Finished

I went out to check the garden this morning and besides the weeds taking over the pathways, I was disappointed to see that 2 of my zucchini’s have been ravaged by what I assume are squash borers. They were the weakest of the three plants, but come on!! I only got 4 or 5 zucchini’s as a whole crop this year. I keep reading about how “prolific” zucchini are supposed to be. This stinks. Next year (Oh, I am not giving up) I’ll have to keep the plants covered until they flower and make sure I use that organic garden dust religiously. I hope it works. I really want more zucchini than I can handle.

The borage is blooming and I picked my first white eggplant today.

This heat and lack of rain has been unbelievable though. The ground is sooo thirsty.

3 thoughts on “Two of my Zucchini Plants are Finished”

  1. I can feel your disappointment… One day a week I walk my gardens just for the view. My husband thinks it’s for enjoyment but it’s really to check for problem spots that need my attention. This keeps me ahead of those nasty bugs.

  2. Oh, that sucks about the borers. They are the worst! I heard last year that sprinkling wood ash in a circle around the plants can serve as a defense, and so I made little rings around ours and never had a problem — well, with borers. Powdery mildew got the whole lot of them in early September, sadly.

    I hate to see someone lose out on the zucchini glut — but you probably could ask a neighbor who grows a garden if she has too many. I’d have been thrilled if my neighbors wanted zukes last year, but all they really wanted was tomatoes and cucumbers. 😉

  3. Thank you for the tip about the wood ash! I’m going to make sure I try it next season. I’ll put some around my survivor plant this year too. I won’t stress for the rest of this year – I can always get my fill of beautiful zuccs from my farmer’s market. I miss it when summer is over! Though I WOULD gladly trade anybody some garden beans for zucchini!

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