I’m Hedging My Bets

What I Planted

garden_wintergreen_boxwood I just won an auction on ebay (as the only bidder) for 10 wintergreen boxwoods I’ll be using to create a hedge across my front yard. I’ll line the street with the boxwoods, which should only get about 4′ high, stay evergreen and help define the perimeter of the yard. I’d like to create kind of a garden room in the front – I think it will be easier for me to decide where future plantings should go if I have “walls” to work with.

The right side of the property will still be open so if I have the urge to do showcase some ornamentals to the neighborhood, I’ll have that space to play in.

I have a feeling that the hedge will take some time to fill in, I don’t expect huge growth right away – and I’m ok with it. I saw a starter boxwood hedge, where the individual bushes were trimmed into little balls all in a line. That’s ok with me.

I also ordered some cabbage seeds which I’d like to plant ASAP for a fall harvest.

Oh Yeah, Wait A Minute Mr. Postman!! Can’t wait for the deliveries.