A New Beginning

Vegetables What I Planted When I Planted

P7090012I pulled all three of the zucchini plants today when I harvested one from the surviving plant and found the wiggling butt of a borer hanging out of the fruit. Damn. Son of a…. That’s IT! I pulled all three. Got all the squash leaves, flowers and roots out of the bed and turned the soil over. I put in more compost and planted new seeds. I probably don’t have a shot at seeing more zucchini before it get’s cold, but we’ll see. They were useless to me the way they were.

SANY0769  It’s raining today (good for my new seeds, right?) and I’m going to load the kids in the car and go to the Huddy Park farmer’s market to see if anyone is there. Jasper has been wanting to make more broccoli salad and I can’t stand the look of the veggies in the supermarkets anymore.

We’ll hit the library and return some books today and maybe go to the bank.

It’s been a week since Daddy passed away. I’m going to plant an Asian pear tree for him in the fall. He loved Asian pears.

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