June in My Garden

P6240023 This is where all the digging I did in the spring pays off. In the pictures I took 1 month ago, my tiny seedlings are just showing the promise of the veggies, fruit and flowers to come, but in JUNE – you can go out and measure INCHES of new growth every day. The pole beans are reaching high above the top of the TP trellis (I should have made it taller) and the cucumbers have already grown to the top of the wire shelf trellis in the front yard.

I’ve been cutting broccoli raab, chard, spinach mustard, basil and now zucchini every morning to put in my eggs. It’s just outstanding to be able to wake up and go out grocery shopping in your own back yard – then cook and eat it as soon as you walk in the door!! 

Lessons I’ve learned? Don’t wait too long to mulch new gardens. Mulch is your FRIEND! haha. As soon as I mulched the front herb garden, the weeds slowed down and the plants got fuller – seemed to struggle less.

Also, I’ll need to change the layout in the backyard beds next year unless I am able to get a couple of trees down by next spring. tomatoes should be spaced 2 ft apart instead of just over 1ft and they should go in the bed where the broccoli and peppers are now. Chard and broccoli should go in the tomato spot. Peppers should go where the spinach started and I need to get some good garlic to plant in the fall. The garlic I planted from the grocery store never came in quite right.


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  1. Most of the times, plants grow, reacting to what we gardeners do and don’t. And your plants look very good, definitely something to be proud of. Yes, mulching is the way forward… ~bangchik

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