January 15, 2021

Garden Progress and Bring on the Rain!

We are getting some rain now at the Jersey Shore and my gardens sing a great big “THANK YOU!” up to the Lord, or at least my grass does. I overwater my gardens, I can’t help myself, and if I was a little stingier with the agua in the beginning, they probably wouldn’t need so much later on.

I contacted Miller Nurseries about the All in One Almond tree that died since I planted it earlier this spring. They promise to send me another one, but this variety is on backorder until next spring. Last night, I realized that in the meanwhile I have a perfectly good HOLE dug nice and deep in the middle of my yard, all full of yummy dirt and compost – just sitting there! This realization brought me to an eggplant seedling that I have in a milk jug waiting for a nice spot in the garden that would soon be relented by a cold season crop that was soon to be on it’s way out. NO MORE! This eggplant is bound for the Almond’s spot! I’m greedy though and if a 2’ wide hole is already there, how hard could it be to widen it up to 3 or 4 feet and plant a couple of peppers around the edge? When I get the new almond, perhaps I’ll surround it with some hostas, or maybe a new batch of peppers next year!