Front Yard Garden Planted Almost According To Plan

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I made a few changes from the original front yard garden plan when I finally finished digging and planting the seeds today. It took longer than I had hoped because I injured my back last week, but I’m feeling whole again and since I discovered the glory of FREE compost from my municipal recycling center, my efforts to prepare that new bed are finally complete.

All those little twigs you see poking up from the dirt mark where I planted the seeds. I kind of winged it with placement, but I needed the markers so I could get the spacing right.

Here I planted black beauty eggplant (American seed), jewel mix nasturtiums (west coast seeds), Echinacea, borage (west coast seeds), oregano (seedlings), English lavender (seedlings), crackerjack marigolds (American seeds) and spinach mustard tendergreens (American Seed). The spinach mustard is supposed to be heat tolerant and since it’s 90* in NJ today, I think it was a better pick than regular spinach. I also left out the peppers. I figure I’ll put my extra pepper seedlings in containers and spread them around in the front. I wanted more flowers in this bed. I can’t wait to see them all GROW!!

This past weekend I built a cucumber trellis for my front yard foundation garden. I used some left over shelving from a closet organizer and tied it together with white ribbon, supporting the outside corners with bamboo stakes. I planted the cucumbers on Saturday and I hope they climb quickly because I think the trellis looks a little awkward standing there empty.