So far, only one of the four planned vegetable garden beds have the railroad tie borders around them due to dh’s hectic retail schedule. Since one of them was ready to go, I got busy planting it today. This veg bed, bed D, already had some garlic growing at one end. I top dressed this area and dug into the rest, with one bag of miracle grow organic garden soil and about 2 bucketfuls of peat moss. I had pre-dug this whole bed in the fall when I planted the garlic and incorporated compost in at that time.

Using a piece of garden fence with a 3” grid, I planted carrots, lima beans and spinach in the rest of the bed. I like using the grid because it allowed me to properly space the seeds without having to plant in rows like I did last year. I think I’ll fit way more plants in my beds this way.

Abbie and I planted some chives in the container in the front of the house in the foundation bed and I used my new-to-me hand-me-down lawn mower on the front yard for the first time. It ran like a dream! Thank you Aunt Isabelle!