Hurry Up And Get It In The Ground!

I have a shipment that came in a few days ago from Miller Nursery and I want to plant it all before I loose it! Yesterday I planted my All in One Almond Tree in full sun in the front yard. I hope I added enough compost to the hole because the earth was really compacted in that spot. It took a looong time to dig and I was using the sharp end of a pick ax to get through the clay. I dug the hole about 2 1/2 feed deep and wide because the planting pamphlet that came with the tree said that nut trees need lots of space for their roots.

Today my neighbor, another gardening enthusiast, had a service come and take down a gigantic pine that was just on his side of our property line. I’m glad it’s down because it threw lots of needles into our gutters, but in the fall I planted a shade loving variety of dogwood in the shadow cast by the pine he just removed. I hope the dogwood can tolerate the sunshine it’ll get in that spot.

I planted a blueberry near that dogwood today and a no-bog cranberry near them both. The berries aren’t near the front door so I don’t think my husband will object to the front yard placement. He’s not thrilled with the idea of blooms attracting bees to hang out near the entrance and I don’t blame him. I also transplanted a Japanese Pieris from the backyard shade to the side yard sun today. I hope it’s happier there because after almost 2 seasons I’ve gotten virtually no growth on that shrub at all.

I finished digging vegetable garden bed “B” (of A, B, C and D) today and planted the blackberry vine just south of veggie bed A. After G watered the vine, it sunk down quite a bit and I needed to lift it and add more soil to the hole.

I used some low wire garden fence to contain my new compost pile today – it’s a temporary fix until I can get better materials to make a more permanent enclosure. Phil, the neighbor with the pine tree who also loves to garden, told me today that I can get all the compost I want from the town’s recycling center, but I need to buy a nice size tub that will fit in the back of the van so I can go and pick it up. I used 3 smallish compost bins over the winter and in digging my new veggie garden beds, I’ve already used it all up! I’ll have to go and check it out because if it’s decent compost I’ll use that instead of buying mulch from home depot or lowes.

Today I also discovered that this same neighbor has BEES! He has 3 bee hives painted blue and buzzing with activity in his back yard. I’m so excited! Personally I’m very freaked out by bees but for the garden and the fruit trees – I couldn’t ask for more. I’m sure the close proximity of the hives to my new gardens will be VERY helpful!