Hardening Off My Seedlings

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Today my seedlings (I took the photo shown was taken on 3-28) spent a few hours on my front porch. According to a few gardening books I’ve been looking at (I think I need to make a list of the books I’m using as reference) I need to “harden off” the seedlings for a week before I plant them outside.

They look pretty good so far, all my Rutgers Tomatoes and Bell Peppers have “true leaves” now so they just need to be able to stand up to some wind before I subject them to the elements outdoors.

I planted the seeds in the peat pots on 3-14-10, almost a month ago.

I spent some more $ at Home Depot today and bought more mulch, peat moss, hose sprayers (for the front and back yard) and dormant oil for the fruit trees. I noticed that the crimson gala apple in the back has some buds on it and I was probably supposed to spray the oil BEFORE I saw the buds. I’m not sure if “better late than never” would be true in this case, but I’m going to give it a try. The bottle has a spray attachment that screws onto the hose. As soon as I can connect to the internet again (having connectivity issues tonight) I’ll post a link to the product I’m using.

I also got some bait for ants that I stuck into the foundation gardens close to the house. I want to nip our ant problem in the bud this year, before they start marching through the house.

I contemplated buying a sprinkler/soaker hose for my gardens in the back yard this year. It was only $10 but I put it down because I just wasn’t sure. Anyone love or hate using a soaker/sprinkler hose? Why?

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  1. I think I like using the drip system for my back garden and am going to leave the hose wrapped permanently around the bed for the summer. Sprinkling tends to evaporate a good deal.

    What are your seedlings wrapped in? And what type of plant is it? My seeds have been quite iffy this year.

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