Glad I Made a Garden Plan

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I’m usually the kind of person to start a project with a rough idea of how I’d like it to turn out. Often, I’ve been known to wing it. Hell, I describe myself as someone who usually flies by the seat of my pants and makes it by the skin of my teeth. Maybe gardening has changed me… hmmm… Probably not, but after reading enough gardening books to tell me I should make a plan, I decided to give it a try. And here it is!

The garlic, blackberry and strawberries are already in the ground. The peppers and tomatoes need a few more weeks for the seedlings to mature and the weather to warm up, so I can’t plant them yet but I’d like to plant the rest this week and next week. I’m VERY excited. I may spread out the spinach over the whole “peppers” area. I hope I’ll be able to harvest it by the time I put the peppers in the ground.

Comments or suggestions from other gardeners would be GREATLY appreciated!