A Garden Calendar Makes It Easy to Keep Track

When I Planted

Today I created a Google Calendar and embedded it on a new calendar page on this blog. This calendar is easy to update quickly and tells me at a glance when and what I planted without having to look through old posts. I think I’ll add weather forecasts to the calendar too.

4 thoughts on “A Garden Calendar Makes It Easy to Keep Track

  1. I don’t think I’m this organized with anything else in my life, haha. I’m really getting into it though and I think that being organized with this from the beginning will save me a lot of work later on. Hopefully it will stop me from making the same mistakes over and over.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment – I’m so glad to find your blog! Were you keeping your bulbs in your vegetable garden beds over the winter? Why would you move them from one outdoor location to another? I’m so curious – I’d love to know. I’m going to add your site to my blog roll.

    Thanks again!

  2. I use a regular calendar, then I also have a garden journal on the sidebar of my blog. I will take a look at a Google calendar and see if that would be an easier way to keep track. Thank you for the idea.

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