Garden Layout Changes and Setting up the Greenhouse for Cool Weather

The back yard veggie gardens used to run parallel to the fence and if you view older posts on this site, you can see that setup. I set them up that way originally so they would run north/south and have the best sun exposure according to the garden books I had read. Over the last […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | October 4, 2013 | Greenhouse, Hugulkultur, Vegetables Read More

Harlequin Bugs on my Broccoli

I had Harlequin Bugs on my broccoli in the back yard. I’d never seen those before. They weren’t on all the plants, just the ones that didn’t look like they were doing well. Were they stressed before or after the bugs paid a visit? I’ll say they were stressed before the bugs. I cut them […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | September 30, 2013 | Pests Read More

Plenty of rain so far, blooming elderberries and slow squash.

I’m just tickled by what’s happening in the yard this year. The gardens aren’t a total mess yet, that will come in a month or so when the plants are huge and some have had it and need to be cleared out. No, right now, things are blooming, veggies are just starting to come in […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | June 28, 2013 | How's It Growing? Read More

Not much for Pie? Rhubarb muffins rock!

My three year old outrageously beautiful rhubarb plant is growing in my front yard. Last year I tried adding some to one of my fresh fruit/vegetable juices and I was totally turned off. I’ve never tasted rhubarb before and it was way too overpowering in the juice. I never bothered to add it to anything […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | June 5, 2013 | Recipes, Vegetables Read More

Garden Progress During a Cold Garden State Spring

We’ve had one or two hot days this season so far. My early spring plants are usually fried by late May, but the foliage on my Virginia Bluebells is still happily green and perky. The peppers and tomatoes are tapping their feet, so to speak, waiting for warmer temperatures, but I don’t mind waiting. The […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | May 26, 2013 | Flowers, Fruits, How's It Growing? Read More
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