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Blog posts about keyhole gardening

Keyhole gardens are a terrific solutions for unfavorable gardening conditions.

New Jersey Garden Calendar

Frost dates and planting dates for New Jersey Gardening.


Concerning Mulch and Fall Planting

I pulled the yellow pear tomato because the leaves had curled and wilted to such a degree that I can’t imagine there was any turning back. I also trashed the pumpkin vine from the same bed because I believe the borers actually dug into the best looking pumpkin on the vine and I’m just disgusted


Late June in My NJ Garden

I didn’t think any of the squash or cucumbers had a chance of coming through and bearing fruit this year with the zillions of cucumber beetles and squash bugs I saw earlier in the season, but these plants are troopers! Now that the hot weather has hit, shade or full sun, they are bursting forth