A 5 Gallon Bucket of Jerusalem Artichokes from 10 Small Pieces!

Today A-girl and I dug up the Jerusalem Artichokes from the hugelkultur bed next to the driveway. I planted fewer than 10 small pieces in this bed and posted progress back in September when a heavy rain caused some of the plants to fall over. In response to the collapse, I had cut the sunchokes […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | March 4, 2013 | Hugulkultur, Vegetables Read More

Starting Seeds Indoors and Saying a Few Words for the Loquat Tree

Starting seeds indoors for Spring planting usually takes me a lot longer than I think it’s going to take. This year, I was ready. I set myself up with my shoe boxes of seeds, one flat of 72 plastic cells, complete with tray, clear plastic dome and seed warming electric mat. I got some Angry […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | February 18, 2013 | Fruits, Seeds, Vegetables, What I Planted Read More

Planting the Greenhouse Bed and Transplanting Shady Plants

I feel like I haven’t dug in the dirt in weeks! I’ve spent a lot of Sept. indoors, but today we were out and about! I planted the greenhouse bed with lots of cold weather greens, once the are sprouted, but before they get eaten by cabbage moths, I’ll move the greenhouse over the top […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | September 22, 2012 | Greenhouse, Hugulkultur Read More

Plum Oatmeal Crisp Goes Well With Birthday Cake!

My Father-In-Law grows a vegetable garden in our home town at the Jersey Shore. He grew up on a farm in Italy and the man knows how to grow what he likes. It’s funny because I read so many gardening books and magazines and blogs, but he just knows from doing! Whether he likes it […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | September 7, 2012 | Fruits, Recipes Read More

Heavy Rain Caused Jerusalem Artichokes to Fall Down

It started raining yesterday and continued through the night and most of today. Some of my sunchokes, which were standing nearly 10’ tall when the storms began, have fallen over into the driveway and the roots seem to be lifting up out of the soggy ground. I wasn’t sure if I should stake them up […]

By JerseyShoreLisa | September 4, 2012 | Vegetables, Weather Read More
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